Studio-Optional Live Action Volumetric Video

Cinematic quality AI video. Up to 60FPS. Unity and Unreal Compatible 4DGS Output.


TechniSync is first to market with the holy grail of immersive content capture: Live action cinema quality volumetric 3D video. Shoot in any light in any location with no required green screen and no required post-production!


  • Live Action Volumetric Capture On Location With Any Lighting
  • Photo Real Quality With Reflections & Sub Surface Scattering
  • Camera Array System And Array Controller Platform for Genlocked RED and BLACKMAGIC Cameras
  • Look From Any Angle On Any Frame
  • Display on 2D, 3D, and Headset Devices
  • End-to-End Platform: Rapidly Shoot, Edit, and Volumetric and Immersive Photo and Video Formats
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Use Cases

  • Immersive Media: Walk around the stage during a performance
  • AI Imaging Media Libraries: YouTube like-platform for AI image creation and delivery
  • Medical Training: Look over the shoulder of a master surgeon during an operation
  • Retail and Marketing: Immersively explore products from any angle in dynamic real world settings
  • Media: Live remote 3D imagery. Turnkey bullet-time Radience Field platform
  • Science and Engineering: Document complex physical processes in 3D by capturing live action, not 3D models
  • Social: Create mobile apps like a 4D Tik-Tok


TechniSync builds foundational AI imaging software that puts the real in extended reality. Whether for VR, AR, or multi-perspective displays, our AI technology platform allows film and video professionals to capture and publish beautiful, photorealistic video for immersive and holographic displays. Broadcast-quality immersive live streaming and mobile solutions are in the works. The future is volumetric live-action 3d video.

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TechniSync is ready to create live action AI imagery today!

Core Team

Chris Howard
Ed Propst
Tim Gruhl