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Solutions for Real Time Data Monitoring and Analysis

Limits of Current Solutions

Current solutions are ineffective at providing real-time data intelligence across systems-of-systems. Resulting in expensive custom integrated solutions that cannot be easily exported:

  • Data Processing platforms assume data integration and processing at a central location for data generated at the edge. Data generated on edge devices is typically summarized then discarded, making it unavailable for analysis. This makes solutions essentially static and slow to adapt to changing analysis and operational needs.
  • Networks are imperfect: dropped connections; low or variable bandwidth; long/large and variable latencies; dynamic data paths.  This limits what can be transferred back to a central cloud for analysis.
  • Data rates are increasing exponentially: sensors are being deployed everywhere and data generated is growing at a much higher rate than network throughput. This paired with high mobile data costs limits the amount of data available for central analysis and decisioning.
  • Real-time analysis and decisioning are cumbersome: current approaches limit a system’s ability to rapidly adapt to the world as data needs change.
  • Labor Intensive: every time code is moved between technologies or devices, significant software redevelopment is required, dramatically increasing costs.

Market Gap

Industry focused on vertical systems, APIs for each integration with each vertical system, analytics and AIs that don't span more than one system.

Market Opportunity

Provide new solutions and value to the $1.7 Trillion Systems of Systems and IoT market for algorithm, orchestrator, AI, sensor, and device integration.


The Kersplody Data Omniscience Architecture enables big data on small networks with Real Time centralized or distributed analysis, decisioning, and capability insertion, even when network availability changes, while enabling common algorithm code on batch, streaming, and edge workflows. This solution is based on more than 40 years of sensor data processing and C4ISR experience and is designed to dramatically increase system flexibility and unlock new data product opportunities all while minimizing development and operational costs.

The Kersplody Advantage

Our Solution


Use our proprietary technology to link systems & devices across a cloud-to-edge data analysis platform. Delivering robust systems intelligence with tailored visualization


Our first application is in remote and in-hospital management of diabetes and neurology conditions. We will provide physicians with constant access to the patient’s condition, timely insight on potential issues,  the patient’s compliance and impact of treatments, along with ability to more effectively alter care, all of which are currently unavailable. We will expand into additional real-time systems-of-systems as our library of capabilities and partners grows.

Our Technology


Kersplody's unique proprietary technology merges big data, IoT, and responsive decision making into a single flexible and adaptable platform. The platform is trailblazing because it simultaneously has the ability to process at the edge, integrate and fuse systems, and rapidly analyze data.


Critical enabler of real-time data intelligence. Kersplody has computing power at a scale with built-in security to address real-time analysis and monitoring needs. Competitors lack critical mass, operate in manually integrated silos and do not have the agility to handle the needs for application programming interfaces (API) and operability.


Core technology patented: US9575749 B1

Our Competitive Edge


Kersplody has computing power at a scale with built-in security to address real-time analysis and monitoring. Kersplody is a critical enabler of real-time data science without the traditional custom platform costs.


Uniquely spans from the cloud-to-edge,  enabling the real-time data science required to determine and assess events at the bedside, at home or in the operating room


Competitors lack critical mass, operate in manually integrated silos and do not have the agility to handle the needs for application programming interfaces (API) and operability


Integrate existing and new systems at a low cost with no stop-in functionality, manufacturer independent


Ease of implementing security protocols, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning


Transform data monitoring & real-time systems-of-systems decision making to improve all aspects of business decisioning.

Real Time Analysis and Integration Solution

Maximize Effectiveness of Real-Time Decisions Across Systems of Systems

Enabling data fusion and enhanced analysis between legacy systems, medical/IoT devices, cloud data, and artificial intelligence at home, the bedside, or in the operating room.



Integrate systems and devices across manufactures, linking knowledge and data with electronic records

Enables data fusion wherever the data resides without creating new data silos

Allows for tailored integration and analysis, specific to each patient

Spans from the cloud to the edge with agility, efficiency and at a low cost

Cloud-to-Edge Computing Value

Edge Computing

Kersplody is intent on bringing edge computing to the systems-of-systems and IoT integration markets to improve decisionmaking. Edge computing or analytics and knowledge generation at the source of the data. Edge computing is vital due to the rising volume of data and need for timely collection, processing, and analysis of that data. Cloud computing, the “data warehouse” model, cannot keep up with the current data volume, velocity or veracity (variety of data) being generated. A new solution is necessary particularly with the expected rise in IoT devices (Internet of Things, the network of physical objects with IP address for internet connectivity to other Internet-enabled devices and systems).



Core Advantage of Edge Computing:

99.5% of all generated data is not being saved. The data is collected by sensors or equipment, summarized to the cloud or database with the raw data being discarded.  Edge computing allows users to analyze all the data being generated resulting in greater insight and intelligence.


Valuable Applications

About Us

Chris Howard, CEO and Co-founder


With over 10 years developing and designing data fusion systems for some of the largest IT systems in existence for federal customers, Chris can help you understand how to quickly and powerfully leverage Kersplody for a wide range of use cases.


Tim Gruhl, CTO and Co-founder


With over 10 years years of complex systems design experience including several years as a principal systems architect for the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Tim regularly develops innovative solutions to complex problems.


Edward Propst, COO


Ed Propst brings over 30 years of international operations and sales experience from companies including AON (Director of Business Development) and Integro (Principal and Producer).


Edward Sawyer, CTO


Ed Sawyer is an executive with over 20 years of financial and operational leadership roles with a proven record in growing and nurturing startups.

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