Kersplody develops and provides the technology, systems integration, and support for modular big data solutions. We enable organizations to easily publish and share compile-once algorithms across multiple technologies, including Storm, Spark, and MapReduce, while reducing the impacts of infrastructure upgrades. Kersplody is based in Broomfield, CO.


Chris Howard, CEO and Co-founder

With over 10 years developing and designing data fusion systems for some of the largest IT systems in existence for federal customers, Chris can help you understand how to quickly and powerfully leverage Kersplody for a wide range of use cases.

Tim Gruhl, CTO and Co-founder

With over 10 years years of complex systems design experience including several years as a principal systems architect for the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Tim regularly develops innovative solutions to complex problems.

Edward Propst, COO

Ed Propst brings over 30 years of international operations and sales experience from companies including AON (Director of Business Development) and Integro (Principal and Producer).