Kersplody Cyber Integration Platform

The Kersplody Cyber Integration Platform™ enables organizations to easily share complex cyber detections, mitigations, responses, and analyzers across technological and organizational boundaries.

Currently, cyber analysis solutions are bulky and inflexible. Each component of a site’s security solution is either internally developed or a black box. Because almost every organization adopts a different set of security solutions, every site is unique, increasing support and staff costs and making it easier for security errors to remain undetected.

The Kersplody Cyber Integration Platform™ addresses this challenge by providing the foundation for more effective threat analysis, solution interoperability, community knowledge sharing, and multi-vendor automation.

Consisting of a cyber capabilities catalog, enhancements to industry standards (STIX/TAXII/CybOX), portable algorithmic components, and component deployment to a number of solutions, the Kersplody Cyber Integration Platform™ makes it easy to rapidly discover and develop and deploy threat detections, mitigations, responses, and analyzers to the right place at the right time and rapidly move capabilities from one solution (e.g. HP ArcSight) to another (e.g. Storm/Mobile/IoT).

More than 20 years of security experience went into the development of the Kersplody Cyber Integration Platform™.  It is designed to dramatically improve site security and analyst efficiency without negating existing security investments.

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Features and Benefits

  • Cyber Capabilities Catalog: Find, deploy, develop, and share capabilities
  • Augments threat feed metadata (STIX/TAXII/ CybOX) with algorithmic detections, mitigations, and responses
  • Core enabler of Cyber Activity Based Intelligence workflows
  • Write-once deploy-anywhere algorithms: package an algorithm, and then deploy it on any current or future version of Spark, Storm, MapReduce, and other workflow technologies without modification — even across organizational boundaries
  • Securely run algorithms in sandboxes with restricted permissions
  • Designed for rapid integration with popular Hadoop, security, mobile, and IoT solutions

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