Kersplody provides an architecture and platform enabling:

Extreme Data Agility / Operationally Responsive Data Fusion
Kersplody rapidly reacts to the inundation of streaming data that your business relies on: Detection of interesting data events (including the unexpected), development and deployment of solutions to understand the root causes of each event, and the deployment of data solutions in response.

Kersplody rapidly move definitions and capabilities between processing technologies and business units. We interface with cloud and fog technologies. (Batch/Cloud, Streaming, Near Edge, and Edge).

Coordination of Multiple Systems Across the Enterprise
Kersplody coordinates sharing across any vendor’s platform of intelligence, capabilities, workflows, and data tools.

Automation of Responses Reducing Direct Human Intervention
Kersplody enables operations teams to work autonomously or semi-autonomously (with people) instead of manually addressing each new data challenge. This automation can range from automatic data issue detection and ticket generation to automated action. Give your team the tools to expand in response to the growth of IoT and mobile workforces across all systems, not just one or two.

A Design which Works Everywhere
Kersplody is optimized for IoT devices, but works almost everywhere data is processed: AWS, private cloud, public cloud, edge processing devices, IoT devices, fog clouds, Oracle databases, etc.

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