Why Kersplody?


Right now, over 99.5% of all data generated is not being saved: most of this data is collected by sensors, summarized, then thrown away. With today’s IoT, this summarized data is typically transmitted to a centralized cloud. But with tomorrow’s IoT, all collected data should be available all the time for extremely rapid analysis and decisioning and fusion across multiple devices.

For example, if your car was manufactured in the last five years, it likely generates around 25 Gigabytes of data per hour across 200+ sensors, but doesn’t do much more with this data than keep the engine running and throw a few bits per second at the dash. However, this data is potentially useful for a number of hard problems, such as predicting service needs, conducting air quality monitoring, predicting localized weather, surveying the road condition, or even measuring cosmic ray activity. The data is there already — It’s just not being fully utilized!

Data OMNISCIENCE is all about how to build the software and tools needed to address this problem and to maximize the knowledge extracted and wisdom generated from the over 1.2MB/person being collected every second. Kersplody is the only solution that enables the analysis and decision making from sensors and other sources to be conducted at the speed of thought.


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